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Australian Managed Funds Data from Plan For Life

Simfund Dash Australia is an interactive reporting and analysis tool. Designed to support the financial industry in its product, marketing, distribution, benchmarking and research efforts covering Australian superannuation and investment markets with data provided by Plan For Life.

  • Simfund Dash is a web-based database that generates professional, presentation-ready fund industry analysis and reports in seconds.
  • Simfund Dash allows you to select the Chart first, and then customize the underlying data to filter according to your requirements.
  • Reports can be saved and shared between users within the framework of Simfund Dash.
  • Multiple reports can be placed into a print-ready Workbook, exportable to pdf, excel, word, and additional formats.
  • Simfund Dash includes automatic upgrades and allows faster access to the latest data.
  • Simfund Dash is supported by a dedicated team of in-house information technology specialists.
  • Simfund Dash requires no software installation and can be accessed anywhere via the Internet.

Data Coverage

  • Extensive coverage of Australian Retail and Wholesale managed funds including Superannuation, discretionary investment and platforms.
  • More than 26,000 funds including Open, Closed, Terminated and Transferred products are included to ensure holistic market coverage and maintenance of history.
  • Coordinated data metrics from one period to the next: FUM (net assets), Inflows (gross sales), Outflows (redemptions), Net Funds Flow, Transfers, Investment Earnings, Investment Performance, Unit Prices.
  • Detailed and summary level data granularity covering: Group, Company, Product, Fund and Investment Category.
  • Extensive history going back over 20 years.
  • Data is reported on a quarterly basis, published 6-8 weeks after quarter end.

Data Integrity

  • Plan For Life provides independent financial research and innovative data products as primary business objectives. This is the foundation of our reputation and key to business success for over 20 years.
  • Plan For Life focus is on data collection directly from over 100 companies. Accurate and comprehensive market coverage enables consistent and reliable reporting based on underlying Actuarial disciplines.
  • Plan For Life data team undertakes intense data scrutiny and investigates any data anomalies. The data is checked, reconciled and queried if outside expected results and market trends.
  • Unique Plan For Life proprietary data metrics are reported including gross inflows (sales) and gross outflows (redemptions).
  • Full history is published each quarter with any changes, new products or updates reflected smoothly in the data to ensure an audit trail from one period to the next is possible.

Benefits of Simfund Dash Australia

  • Make better informed product management decisions.
  • Identify & track competitors in the product landscape and reveal new opportunities.
  • Easily produce internal management reports e.g. board reports, market analysis
  • Logical drill-down methodology for product development.
  • Develop product launch strategy and track launch results.
  • Undertake sales, promotional and public relations activities e.g. media releases
  • Be better informed for sales pitches.
  • Identify market opportunities and market intelligence.
  • Discover hidden trends and emerging competitors.

Plan For Life Company Background

Since its early beginnings in 1987 as a specialist actuarial consultancy, Plan for Life has grown to become a leading Research House, recognised locally and internationally as providing the highest quality research and statistics covering Managed Funds and Life Insurance in Australia. Our guiding principles are:

  • Highest possible level of accuracy in published statistics
  • Immediate responsiveness to customer requirements
  • Considerable flexibility in meeting customers’ needs
  • Continual innovation and exploration of the latest financial trends and changes in the market

In December 2010, Plan For Life became part of Asset International, a privately held provider of information and technology to global pension funds, asset managers, financial advisers, banking service providers, and other financial institutions in the private and public sector.

Asset International delivers content to the global investment services industry via print and digital publications, conferences, research, surveys, and data resources. Strategic Insight provides critical research, data, and analytics to asset managers worldwide. Offices in New York, Stamford, Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, and Melbourne.

Contact Information

Rael Solomon
Manager, Marketing & Product Development

Plan For Life - Actuaries and Researchers
Asset International Australia Pty Ltd
Phone: +61 3 9886 4400
Street: 217 Blackburn Rd, Mount Waverley, Victoria, 3149
Australia Postal: PO Box 2398, Mount Waverley VIC 3149 Australia
Email: planforlife@planforlife.com.au
Website: www.planforlife.com.au